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So I am building a computer for the fist time and I would like to do some case mod. Just simple decal stuff, but here is the thing. I do digital art, and I was wondering if there was a way of doing custom decals. I know there is custom decals that are small oval pieces, but what about something that can fit the entire side of a tower?
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  1. aaaa paint?? you know like how they do cars. make a template tape it on the side and paint it the color you want.
  2. You should be able to apply car decals to the case. Call the local body shops and see if they have a custom decal designer, they should. Other wise I would say that you should research air brush painting and paint a design onto the case, or again, get a car body shop to do it.
  3. There are Vinyl skins you can buy with your artwork.
    Also look up compucoat. It's expensive but worth it.
  4. Take a look at for PC decals and dome badges. They do special order custom work too. I've bought several of their Krystil dome badges before and the work is excellent.
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