How to retrieve a raid 0 configuration?

when i power up the computer:
'system failed cpu test'

I tried everything I found on google:
my computer :

p4c800 deluxe
4x 512mb ddr400 2.5v
2x 160gb wd sata raid 0
intel 3.0 512 kb

things I tried:
replaced cmos baterry
cmos reset
other power source
stripped everything

when I removed the cpu and only start up the MB it's says 'no cpu installed' instead of 'cpu test failed'.
bought a few cpu on ebay put them in still the same message.
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  1. sorry can I retrieve the raid 0 on another motherboard or must I buy the same motherboard?

    I bought a p6t deluxe with i7 920 can this raid 0 be read if plugged in?
    I don't think so but maybe somebody know more about this?
  2. Onboard RAIDs can be migrated as long as the chipset is of the same brand, and not of a lower/older type.
  3. that's bummer the p4c800 is promise raid controller and the p6t deluve v2 is an intel matrix storage.

    is ther no other way?
  4. Recovery using Software RAID0 using Linux or BSD. But it'll only work if the filesystem is still intact without any data corruption.
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