p45 neo3 not posting with 8gb of DIMM

Just built a brand-spankin-new system, got a MSI P45 NEO3 mobo, core2Quad Q6600 4x G.Skill 2 GB (PC2-8500 5-5-5-15), XFX GeForce 8800, SB XFi Fatality, Seagate Barracuda 320, 740 SATA with a 500W P/S (came with the case)

the system runs without a snag (*maybe) with 4mb. When I put 8mb ram in it doesn't reliably POST, or will POST and lock up during POST. I have tried swithching the modules around, and they all work in any pairing. The mobo manual says only populate dimm 1 and 3 first, so I can't test the DIMM slots individually. I tried upping the DIMM voltage to 2.1 (rec max fro the memory) and it will reliably post, but after the post it reboots. upping NB voltage just makes the system really unstable and shows scrambled display.

I think my mobo is screwed up.. i'm outta ideas. can anyone here help me?

* I am troubleshooting the cuda 740 right now plugging it in sometimes causes wierdness, i think it's related to memory changes. , obviously if the drive works, and the mobo gets angry when it's plugged in, the mobo's shot. but I wanted to get something in while i'm working on it so i have something to do while I await a response. :) Thanks in advance.

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  1. hmm. apparently if you have 2 HDD's on the same SATA power harness it screws all kinds of things up. fixed by moving HDD#2 to the other harness. memory works with voltage set to 2.1, 5/5/5/15, 800. I hate that I can't run it at full speed, but the consensus (sp?) is that it doesn't make much of a difference. thanks everybody, I still would appreciate any other input if i'm doing it wrong

  2. You can't run at 1.8 or 1.9V, 5-5-5-15 @ 800? That's strange. I don't know anything about the sata power harnesses not working well, but I do know that power supplies that come with cases are often unreliable. Which PSU is it? (if it's the 500W Earthwatts that comes with the Antec Sonata III, it should be decent... others are likely to be suspect).
  3. do bios update to see if it work
  4. might be a generic psu. What is the case?
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