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Just a quick question;

I'm currently running Windows XP and i've read that DirectX10 isn't capable with XP, however the graphics card i'm wanting to buy (PCI only mobo, an HD2400) is DirectX10 capable.

So, does this mean it's useable with DX9 and lower? Or does DX10 work with XP?
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  1. DX10 is Vista only. There are only a few games around that use it however.

    DirectX 10 capable means it is capable of displaying Direct X 10, eg. Vista.

    Your card will run at DX 9 on XP.
  2. Don't get your hopes up though, that HD 2400 can't even handle any decent DX9 titles properly, so it'll do an even worse job at DX10. Just thought I'd let you know.
  4. Yeah, but maybe he currently has a Geforce 2
  5. Actually, i only have PCI slots as i already mentioned; so the 2400 is good FOR ME; not for those with PCI-E mobos. And at the moment i have an Intel 82865G INTERGRATED so anything will be an upgrade.

    And thanks to thethiiing for answering my question.
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