My wireless optical mouse is not working on my windows XP computer


I have windows XP. I have a USB optical mouse which is wired and works fine. I have just bought a wireless optical mouse and keyboard. I installed the drivers for both the mouse and keyboard and neither worked. Then i noticed in the instructions that is said to uninstall the old drivers for the wired mouse and keyboard.

I was able to uninstall the drivers for the keyboard and when i rebooted the computer the wireless keyboard worked fine. But when i tried to uninstall the driver for the mouse (i selected mouse from the control panel --then hardware--then properties--then driver, then uninstall driver button) the mouse stops working -which i expected. So i remove the usb mouse from the computer and reboot, but the computer does not work with the new wireless mouse. :cry: :cry:

I can still plug in the usb mouse and it works fine after rebooting.

I cant figure out a way around this problem.

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  1. Make sure you have working batteries in the mouse, and that you're close enough to the transmitter to connect. Sometimes there is a 'connect' button on the transmitter and/or mouse.
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