Computer build for Budget up to $2,300

Hi All,

I have up to about $2,300 to spend on a computer upgrade. It has been a handful of years since I have done this. I have tried to do what I can to research the newest components out to catch back up to date with everything, but I thought I would bring this to the experts to see how my research has faired...

I am a pretty avid gamer playing mostly online games and some FPS games. I really want to get into Age of Conan and need the most smoking system $2,300 can buy to take full advantage of this game. I have also heard great things about CoD:4 and Crysis.

Here is what I have come up with so far. I already have a pretty nice sound card and speaker system, I just need some help with the rest of the stuff.

Concerning the Antec Mid-Tower case, I have heard that it might have an issue with the larger video cards, like the one I have in my wish list. Can anyone confirm that I won't have a problem with the case. I really like the case from what I have read. I am also taking an interest in the Thermaltake cases. Would anyone suggest I look into getting a full tower?

Another concern of mine is making sure that the memory and video card I get will be compatible with the motherboard I get. I think I got it right, but I don't know. I don't know much about OCZ brand, but it seems to have pretty good reviews. Same with EVGA. I am not too sure about the brand, but it seems to have great reviews.

I first was looking at a Western Digital 150 gig 10000 RPM hard drive, but I have heard great things about that Caviar 6400 7200 rpm HD. I just thought I would throw that one on for right now.

I know it is a stupid excuse, but I don't have too much room for a bigger monitor on my desk. I thought the 20/21" monitor would be ok. My dad just bought a 24" Samsung for his new Mac he bought and it looks fantastic. I have read great reviews about Samsung monitors.

Guys, any suggestion would be GREATLY appreciated. I hope I wasn't too far off track in picking the components that I did. I just was trying to get the best for the money I have to spend. I would love to hear your suggestions on a better setup, again, for around $2,300.

-Thanks ahead of time
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  1. WD have just announced a new version of the Raptor. Look under 'articles' on this website, currently near the bottom of page 1. Heading is something like 'VelociRaptor is a bird of prey'

    I have my eye on these.
  2. Only thing i can vouch for on your build is teh EVGA Video Card. I have 2 of teh same ones in my rig and i could not be happier. Just on thing with them, must have adequate cooling, these babies run hot.
  3. Unless you plan on doing massive overclocking, you dont need ddr2 1066 ram. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but the Q6700 is quad pumped with a FSB of 1066 (1066/4 = 266mhz) DDR2 800 is rated at 400mhz (400x2 = 800) so with an unlocked multi (6x-10x) unless you plan on doing high FSB with lower multi (333x10 = 3.33ghz decent overclock) or something like that you wont even utilize the higher speed ram (1066/2 = 533mhz). Either way, the 1066 ram is probably over kill for your build with that processor.

    Another thing to consider is an aftermarket heatsink/fan. is a great choice from newegg at only $37 its a great part and will allow for better overclocks.

    Other than that, I don't have the antec 900 case so I cant vouch for whether or not the larger cards will fit, but I'd imagine that they would, just might be a little tight is all.

    Good luck with your build.
  4. You could throw in another 8800GTS for SLI (I didn't see if your mobo has SLI, but maybe consider getting one). You have quite a bit of money left in that budget, maybe get one of the 9xxx intel quads instead of the Q6700? Otherwise theres probably plenty you could throw in there to make it faster.
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