Dual CPUs for Video Editing?

Hey guys,
I'm working on a video editing system and I have a CPU related question. I'll be using VT5 (Video Toaster). One of their reps told me that for best performance with HDV I should be running around 3.5, however their website recommends dual cpus. Do you think it would be necessary to run dual 3.5s or should I get a quad core or something along those lines?
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  1. Not sure what you mean by "3.5". If you mean GHz, that's pretty outmoded, as what matters is how much processing power per core and the number of cores. Also, I suspect the web site really means "dual core", not dual CPU, or perhaps is not updated very often.
    Just get a nice Q6700 - you should even be able to overclock it to at least 3GHz.
  2. get a quad core CPU and OC it to the max and get more POWER to do the task.
  3. You certainly do NOT want to "OC it to the max" if it's a work computer or you care about errors.
  4. i should have said "OC it to the max........................stable speed" is that better?lol
  5. Hey,
    Your in luck... I currently am the engineer for a small television studio that uses two vt5 systems that i have built from scratch... The best thing that you can do is to just get a Quad Core and not a xeon system. Back when vt4 was out I build a dual xeon system and had nothing but trouble with it. Since upgrade to a Qx6700 about a year ago things have been alot better. With my quad cores I have them overclocked to 3.2ghz and haven't had a bit of trouble. I would suggest if you can afford it, getting the qx9650 since its got SSE 4.1. Obviously there is nothing out there at the moment save a few programs that can take advantage of it but it will come around and be pretty nice.

    If you want any advice on what componants to get or have any questions about real world use of the VT systems let me know
    Best of Luck
  6. Single socket quad core is the best bang for buck.
    If you REALLY need more power, a dual socked quad like skulltrail will work, but they are MUCHOS PESOS!!!
    Xeon chips arent any faster, but they are theoretically better 'quality' chips. They should last longer, oc better, and run cooler. Obviously you pay extra for that. However, the current consumer chips are SO good, most people dont bother with xeons.
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