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I just replaced the memory (2 512 mb sticks) with 2 1 GB sticks and the bios recognizes the new ram but the control panel system still only sees the original 1 GB . Vista should be able to see 2 GBs , right ? Is there something else I need to do in Vista to get it to see the new memory ?
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    Yes, 32 bit system will be able to use up to about 3.5 gig of RAM.

    Run a MS Update see if it fixes things, especially if you are running on the base Vista setup with no service packs.
  2. Thanks I was sure Vista 32-bit could see about 3.5. It did need more updates , but I also double checked the seating of the cards. I think maybe one was not quite locked in place right. Anyway ..thanks so much for your help.
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