E8400 Temps What do I Trust?

Sup Peeps,

I'm new here. I've been browsing many pc forums and from what I've seen, this is the place to be.

I have an e8400 temp question. Yes, I know there are many threads about this but I was hoping to get some one on one answers for my specific question.

According to CoreTemp my (stock) idle temp is 54. RealTemp 2.60 says it's 44. What do I trust? I've read that RealTemp is the only acurate program for 45nm. What do yall think?

At one point I had my e8400 overclocked to 4.2ghz but got really scared of my temps. At the time I was using CoreTemp and was seeing temps as high as 72-76.

I'm not running a stock cooler. It's an "AVC" similiar to a ASUS Silent Square EVO 92mm Vapo Bearing CPU Cooler on an Evga 680i. Dual "Sli" Evga 8800Gt 4gb OCZ Ram.

I ran some test a few weeks ago trying to find this answer myself and I decided that CoreTemp was actually closer to my actual temp. My test consisted of going into my bios and telling my fan to go 100% speed when my CPU reached a specific temp. I'd then reboot and watch CoreTemp, RealTemp and Speedfan temps as I ran Prime95 Small FFTs. So when I saw my fan rpms reach max 100%, it seemed CoreTemp was the one closest to the said temp. I tried this with several different temp/fan settings.

That's why I'm here. My test show CoreTemp is closest but according to everything I've been reading, RealTemp should be most acurate for my processor. On the other hand 55 seems very high for stock idle where as RealTemp says 44 which is more believable.

What's right? Any suggestions?

Thanks in advanced.
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  1. If you want to compare cpu temps (diode between cores) to core temps (diode on each core) why are you using such an inaccurate method as monitoring when the fans turn on instead of just looking at the cpu temp?

    Just download speedfan, or any other software that directly shows the cpu temp, and compare directly to core temps.

    And how do you know your cpu diode temp is accurate, if you are using it as a guage?
  2. I would trust realtemp more than coretemp, its been know to be better suited for 45nm processors.
  3. Real Temp allows you to test your sensors as well.
  4. Ok rge, help me out here. What is my CPU temp?

    My fan reacts to my CPU temp not my core temps right? How do I know it's accurate? That's why I'm here.

    Is my CPU really 45? If so why is it that my fan and CPU (Speedfan) Temp are not in sync.

    Also, when I'm OCed it's my core temps that I dont want to reach 72 right?
  5. Heh...

    Where should I start?

    There are 3 sensors, not sure if the OP knows.

    Tcase - this sensor is between the cores, or more of an IHS sensor for the bios, since its health monitor shows a single temp.

    Tjunction - are the sensors on the cores themselves known as DTS (Digital Thermal Sensors)

    Now your CPU has a spec of 72.4C. That is the max for the Tcase sensor, one that should be important.

    The Tjunction max on the other hand, Intel will not publish, from what I understand.

    So... The programs that you are using rely on the Tjuction Max.

    Coretemp THINKS it's 105C
    RealTemp THINKS it's 95C
    SpeedFan THINKS it's 100C

    That is why you have different temp readings on the cores. The software programmers are going by a hunch of what the Tjmax is.

    Now the guy that made realtemp, used an approach to test his reason for having a 95C tjmax, and so his results were +/-2C off from what the system was also saying.

    You can adjust CoreTemps Tjmax in the ini file you have the program in.

    You can adjust RealTemps Tjmax using the setting button on the latest version.

    You can offset the core temps on SpeedFan config button.

    The only thing you really need to do, is calibrate, or figure out externally what your temps are (using IR thermometer or thermal couple) when the system is at its lowest speed at a stable idle temp.

    To read more about it:

    Real Temp - Documentation

    It's really sad that CompuTronix who had the temp guide here is now gone, which he did help allot of people, including myself.
  6. Your cpu temp is reading 45C, as to whether or not it's accurate, that depends on how accurate the calibration is for cpu diode by your particular bios. Which is why you should have the most recent bios.

    CPU temps and core temps should be approximately the same at idle.

    72.4C is for Tcase.

    If you want intels input on Tcase vs CPU temp, I went round and round with them via email...read the link below...all of it.

  7. Thanks for the info guys. That's good stuff.

    I've actually read that Real Temp guid before Grimmy. Very helpful.
    Damn rge, that's one hell of a loop they puty you through. wtf!

    I think I'm gonna try the thermal couple. I'm an Instrument Tech for a major chemical company so type "T" thermal couples are a dime a dozen. Not sure why I did'nt think of that myself. :pt1cable:

    I'll post my results as soon as I get them. Next week sometime unless I get called out.

    P32 bios btw.
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