XFX 8800GT 512MB with the Zalman cooler, any opinions?

Im about to buy this card, its one of the cheapest 8800GT out there. Since I can't find any reviews on it whatsoever wondering what you guys think. I won't be overclocking it. Just wanna know if its a good one.


Thanks for the input
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  1. I orderd 2 of these for my 2 pc's + I orderd 2 zalman fanmates, that will allow the cooler to give 18dba and that's great, esspecially for that price.
  2. It uses a 2 pin fan, a zalman 3 pin fanmate won't work without an adapter. The fan runs at one set speed. Personally i'd spend the extra $20 and get http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814127329 which does come with a 3 pin fan.
    There may be other solutions that I don't know about though.
  3. Also Rivatuner will NOT work with a 2 pin fan to control fan speed.
  4. Also, the Zalman fanmate can control a 2 pin fan no problem, but the connector is larger, so you need to either make an adapter to go between the fanmate and the XFX fan, or splice the two together (and probably kiss your XFX warranty goodbye).

    If you have an old dead case fan or CPU fan that has the mobo header connector (not molex), then you have the one end to plug into the fanmate. The small end can be made with any straight pins at the end (like mobo jumper pins) and electrical tape to hold them in. I've used the old connector off of a dead Ti4200 PCB to make a direct connection that snaps tight. Many mobo chipset fans use the same small connector too if you have a dead on of those. Pull off the plastic and desolder the pins out of the PCB. Lots of ways to make those tiny 2 pin video card fans run off a fanmate.
  5. Also found this site adapters http://www.xsfans.com/servlet/the-Fan-Cables/Categories Thanks much Pauldh
  6. If you can find one where a couple of megs fell out, something with 509-510 megs or so...you could prob get a sweet discount ;).
  7. dirtmountain said:
    Also found this site adapters http://www.xsfans.com/servlet/the-Fan-Cables/Categories Thanks much Pauldh

    oooh... Nice link.

    You need the opposite of this one: http://www.xsfans.com/servlet/the-222/3-dsh-Pin-2-dsh-Pin-Mini-Adapter/Detail

    This would work. You may have to trim the plastic behind the two long pins and use tape to hold it into the XFX fan plug. http://www.xsfans.com/servlet/the-17/2-dsh-Pin-Male-3-dsh-Pin-Female/Detail
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