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Hi, my main problem is that the partition with data is now shown as unallocated and I need to recover the data that was in the drive. I will tell you exactly what happened.

First I have a 500 Seagate hdd that was main used as external hdd. Then I create two new partition on window 7, so it has 3 (partitions A, B, C) where A has all my data while the other two were empty. Then I moved the hdd to my new build and try to install window xp on it, but xp only recognize C so I continue install on C. However, after installation, A and B become one unallocated space.

First I thought the problem was my motherboard driver so I installed the driver. Nothing happened. Then I try to reinstall window 7 but I accidentally click delete on C. So now all three partition is shown as one big unallocated space. At that moment I stop doing anything that might erase my data on A. I know this might be confusing but if anyone know the steps I should take, I will greatly appreciated.
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    I'm not sure how effective this software is, but maybe it's what you're looking for:
  2. I tried partition-recovery to fix this exact same issue with no luck.

    Then I found Acronis Disk Director. The Demo found the missing drive, said it was deleted, but when I used recovery it found it and showed me how much space would be left once I finalized, but since it was the demo I couldn't.

    I ended up forking out the $50 for it and within a matter of a few minutes I had all the contents of tha 500GB external Lacie drive back, woot!

    backing up some important stuff from that drive to another right now.
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