How much future-proof can we get?

I know this is the technology business, where one day you have a monster computer and the next day you wake up and your phone is more powerful. But from what I've seen, the CPU, Motherboard, and GPU are the only things that constantly change. You could say memory too, but it's slower I think.

So what about the PSU and cooling system? How future-proof can you get if you buy, say, a high quality PSU and cooling system? Will they still be good for the next 2, 4, 6, 10 years of computing upgrades? Or would you just be better off with cheap parts and upgrade with the rest of your computer?
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  1. They will last until your next upgrade.

    Your PSU may not have the correct Mobo Power Connectors, Correct GPU power connectors, the CPU Cooler may no longer fit. The GPU Coolers may no longer fix.

    You don't need to go cheap, but buy good quality for what you need.
  2. things like monitors, powersupplies, keyboards, mice and speaker systems are worth investing money in, because they will last for several upgrades, also, things like keyboards and mice - after the quality stops goign up, the warrenty starts to go up, so that means they'll REALLY last.
  3. PSU will last. i'd say at least 3 years worth of upgrades. Coolers will tend to only last about as long as a socket stays around unless you go water cooling, the blocks will simply need new adapters to fit new chips.
  4. A good quality PSU will last since most new hardware will come with adapters (usually) for the 4 pin molex cable if additional power is required.

    But then if the power requirements change, that can also limit what your current PSU can provide.

    Cooling will only last as far as you can maintain it, keeping it clean and free of obstructions, airflow wise. Water cooling, I would assume the same thing, especially for the water pump.


    Seems newer stuff gets smaller dies, so newer products can run cooler then its predecessor.
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