Weird freezing moments on XP, looking for a CPU or MoBo Diagnostic app

Hello everyone,

I'm having very weird "lags" and freezing moments on my computer. Sometimes it's when I'm launching a lot of programs at the same time (like: mozilla, skype and notepad very quickly for exemple). Sometimes it's juste like that, when watching a video for exemple I can sometimes times get weird sound distortions, like if the sound was lagging (but only for a few secs).

So I was wondering, could that come from my CPU or my Motherboard ? I'm asking that because I'm thinking of buying a new graphic card for my 4 year old computer and I would'nt want to invest money in it if in two weeks i'm going to have to change it completely ^^ !

If my Motherboard or CPU were broken or close to breaking, would my PC still work and give me that kind of weird things / bugs ?

Also I would like to know if there is some sort of Diagnostic / benchmarking program that I could use to test my CPU and my Motherboard to see if they are working correctly, and if they are still in shape. Something like MEMTest. Any idea ?

Thank you for your time and help !


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  1. In Windows, press CTRL ALT DEL for task manager, click CPU header twice, look at what's eating up cpu resources. That's your culprit.
  2. Thank you for your tip but isn't there a program I could use to check if my CPU and my Motherboard work normally like MEMTest ?
  3. Run Prime95 for 8+hrs to test CPU and motherboard.

    @OP: Please list full specs.
  4. Full computer specs:

    Pentium 4 at 3ghz
    Asus P5GD1 Motherboard
    Leadtek Nvidia 6600GT at 128mb, PCI Express
    2Gb of Corsair RAM (PC3200 CL 2.5) (recently added 1gb so it's 2x512 + 1gb)
    500Gb hard drive at 7200RPM (Western Digital)
    Windows XP Home
    Thank you for your time and help !

    What do you think of OCCT for benchmarking purposes?

    You can download it and use it in English or any other language.
    Thanks for your tip ^^!
  5. I haven't used OCCT. I stick with 3DMark, PCMark, and Sandra for benchmarking.

    For burn in, I use Prime95 and Memtest86+.
  6. Ok, does OCCT or Prime95 can break my CPU/Motherboard/PC when benchmarking ? By being to "intense" ? or is it risk free ?
  7. The worst thing that can happen with Prime95,etc is a BSOD, re boot, or a lock up.
  8. ok so it's not dangerous for the PC ?
  9. No. It is not dangerous (just make sure you have backup's of your stuff) BSODs can cause chaos. There won't/shouldn't be any hardware damage. (May be over heating, so keep an eye out for the temps).
  10. Check you case for dust and general crap, It could be a temp issue and the cpu is throttling back due to heat, It might also be a virus. I would uninstall your graphics drivers ard do a clean install with the latest ones. Before you use any diagnostics its best to check the basics first.
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