GA-P35-DQ6 compatible with Radeon 4850 CrossFire?

Are the new Radeon 4850s compatible in CrossFire mode with this mainboard? Silly question but I want to be safe so thank you.
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  1. ATI CrossFire
    2 PCI Express X16 slot(x16, x4)

    Yes, I would recommend you get a X48 motherboard rather than a P35.
  2. I already have the P35 so it's a little late for that. My graphics card fried on me I think so I'm looking for a good replacement and 400 bucks for dual graphics is pretty neat.
  3. Keep into account that 1 card will be running at x4.
  4. evongugg said:

    Perhaps I am a bit slow, but other than them not recommending P35 boards vs. x38, I am still not sure how big of a hit I would take.

    I, too, have a P35 board, and it is likely my last 775 board. So if I could snag a cheap 3850, it is STILL not worth me trying to Crossfire?

    I still couldn't tell if it is more of a "theoretical" limitation, or one I would actually notice. If I could go from a theoretical 50 fps with my 3870 to 100 by adding another card, would I really care if my P35 "holds me back" to lets say 93 fps? Is that the kind of difference we are talking about?
  5. Yeah the article doesn't help much. These are a.) older generation graphics card compared to what I'm looking at and b.) don't drivers and software support play a role in how crossfire will function? I want to invest in a 1080p monitor next year and want to be assured games can run at that resolution with decent settings for a few years. that's the reason i'm askin about crossfire but since the chipset is compatible i guess that's the end of that query.
  6. Other than that article, the consensus as I understood it is that although there are measurable drawbacks, they are likely not perceptible in practice. Ie., videocards don't come close to using full bandwidth of the PCIe lanes.

    I think the answer to your question is "Yes, Crossfired 4850s will work in your board." Will they work to their potential? No. Will they be bottlenecked to the point where it is not worth implementing Crossfire? Probably not even close.
  7. That's all I need to know. I am going to start with one for the time being and then add a second one in a few months. 200 dollars for how they perform is pretty crazy and in crossfire they are incredible. just hope new drivers fix the heat issues without customizing a profile.
  8. This doesn't exactly answer your question, but it may help you form an opinion of it:

    Imagine a considerably worse hit to performance.

    Edit: Also consider this article:,1915.html

    I think your performance will be limited by your worst-performing card in many instances, so look at the 4x performance hits.
  9. bnath said:
    Are the new Radeon 4850s compatible in CrossFire mode with this mainboard? Silly question but I want to be safe so thank you.

    I have the P35-DQ6 with the 4850 in crossfire. I went from a 2900 Pro crossfire setup. From what I have noticed, it's quite a bit faster than the 2900s. Now, if I went with a 2x16 setup, it might be a little faster.
    Since you already have the board, the 4850 would be a good upgrade.

    I still get the usual freezing in UT3 as I did with my 2900s. Once I turn off "crossfire" the problem goes away. Perhaps it's a driver issue. Not sure yet.

    Here's my system:
  10. Even with those hits, crossfire seems to be getting much better results than a single card. With driver and software improvements it can only get better and more stable correct?
  11. Well I've finally got my computer stable after a new PSU and the Radeon 4850. Quite happy but I'll be adding a second one in a few months. It's good to not have the computer turn off during Mass Effect!
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