Need Help. Welcome to ASUS motherboard make disk for dos menu

Im getting this screen no matter what i do.
Welcome to Asus motherboard make disk for dos menu
1) Nvidia XP 32-bit SATA RAid driver disk
2) nvidia xp 64-bit sata raid driver disk
3) nvidia vista 32-bit sata raid driver disk
4) nvidia vista 64-bit sata raid driver disk
5) Freedos command prompt
please choos 1~5
(i chose 4)
Please insert your formated floppy to A:\
Press a key to continue.
Error reading from drive A: DOS area: seek error
(A)bort, (I)gnore, (R)etry, (F)ail?
this is the message i get when i try to load the mobo CD. This is the ASUS P5N72-T Premium motherboard. My boot sequence is 1. Removable 2. HDD 3. CDROM 4. Disabled

Brand new build

anyone have a clue what im doing wrong?
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  1. Try removing your motherboard cd from drive and re boot, I had the same issue.

    Good luck.
  2. Put your OS disk in and install unless you are going RAID.

    After OS is installed, install MB disk.
  3. exactly what are you trying to do??
    install windows??
    install the drivers after windows is installed??
    if installing windows, are you using raid??

    if your trying to install windows, using raid, then you need a floppy drive (with a blank formatted disk in it) in order to make the raid driver disk.

    if your doing a fresh install of windows, without raid, then you need to put the os disk in, and reboot.

    if your trying to install mobo drivers after windows is installed, then you need to boot to windows first, then put the cd in the drive. Note: you will get this message on reboot unless your hdd is set to boot before the cd, which you say it is.

    I am guessing you havn't installed windows yet.
  4. Just click resdtore factory settings and everything works fine for me, except that they ask for a new Micosoft activation code.
    I installed new motherboard with original Windows on HD.
  5. I am in almost the exact same situation as you, except that my choices are:
    a)Make ATI XP/XP 64bit AHCI/Raid Driver Disk
    b)FreeDOS command prompt
    Please choose a ~ b:
    Please insert your Formated Floppy to A:/
    Error reading from drive A:DOS area:unknown command given to driver
    (A)bort, (I)gnore, (R)etry, (F)ail?
  6. Folks, you need to install Windows before anything else. The Asus CD does not have Windows on it. If you didn't purchase a copy of an operating system for your new computer, you need to do so.

    So, put the Windows CD in the drive and turn on the computer. Follow the instructions. Once you've got Windows running, put in the Asus CD/DVD to install specific drivers needed by the motherboard.

    The Asus CD is only bootable to create needed files for the Windows installation - like the RAID drivers mentioned in your choices. If you're not installing RAID, you never boot this CD.
  7. I had the exact same thing happen, just built my first rig from scratch.
    - Asus P6T Deluxe vs Mobo
    - i7 920 plan on OCing to 3.6
    - 160GB SSD intel x25m
    - 1 TB barracuda HD
    - Seasonic x750 PSU
    - Hyper 212 plus cooler
    - BFG nvidia 275 graphics card

    powered up on the 1st start. Made a few changes to the BIOS, ie no floppy. installed windows 7 no problem. Then put in the Asus support DVD to install updates and drives. It needed to reboot and each time, got the message about make dos disk choose a-c. I just took out the DVD and rebooted each time I got the message and then windows would boot and it asked for the disk again to install the programs.

  8. Same thing happening here with P6T SE. Installed windows without any problems. Then started installing the mobo drivers, just selected "instal all" from the disk menu. Installation started, it told that I need to reboot, which I did.

    After the boot it went to this "Make disk" thing. I read your suggestions about removing the CD from the drive.

    I removed the drivers CD but that didn't help, it begins running windows but soon after reboots itself.

    So any suggestions of what should I do?
  9. Ok what I did was when I got the "make dos disk message" I removed the dvd and hard booted. Then it started on its own, loaded win7 then asked for the DVD again to finish the other installs on the list.

  10. Tried that trick, and it started loading the windows but then rebooted on the loading screen.
  11. I couldn't figure out how to get this thing working. So I was thinking of formatting the hard disk and try to reinstall everything. Although I can't even do that because when I boot with the OS cd inside it leads to an error..
  12. I have the welcome to ASUS motherboard make disk for dos menu come up with the ASUs cd in. i am going for raid configuration and having soem troubles. it recognizes the hdds in bios, and in the matrix storage manager to get the striping sizes. i booted from the cd drive w Win 7 and it said i could not install on this volume because i didnt have the drivers or seomthing and needed to check my bios..?
  13. I had this problem too. Easiest solution is to reset BIOS options after you have installed Windows so that your hard disk is top of the boot sequence, so you don't have to remove the Asus mobo CD everytime it reboots.
  14. I am having the same problem as the original post mentioned however I have found a bit of a workaround. I am running a ASUS M4N78 PRO. I have re installed Windows 7 3 times now on this computer I just put together. I am running Raid 0 so in windows setup when it gets to the Install Windows Screen I click next and then click custom advanced- the where do you want windows instal screen appears. I put the NVIDIAraid dvd in and browse drivers select nvidia raid controller then hold dow cntrl and select Nvidia nForce raid controller and Nvidia nforce serial ata controller and finally click load driver. It takes a bit and windows proceeds to install. (THESE INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS ARE ALL PER ASUS INSTALL MANUAL ON CD). Once windows is loaded and installed I go ahead and install the ASUS MOBO drivers from the DVD (PER INSTRUCTIONS). (THIS IS THE PROBLEM). When the chipset are installed the drivers for the NVIDIA RAID are installed again. So I found the only way to avoid this issue is to avoid installing the chipset drivers on the MOBO install disc. Hope that helps a bit!
  15. Change the default boot device to hard disk and not the cd rom.....
    secondly remove the asus mobo cd from the cd rom before booting....
    after you get into windows then put the cd and install the drivers....
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