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Hi, I recently bought an MSI P45 Platinum motherboard and a coolermaster Hyper N620 and realised that the cooler won't fit due to the motherboard's heatsink. So I'm wondering if I should remove the motherboard's heatsink and use the cooler or should I just keep it. I'm planning on overclocking my processor but I'm not sure about the surrounding temps of the motherboard.
Any suggestions would help,thanks
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  1. ok i'm looking at a pic of your mb... are you talking about the copper pipes that run around the cpu to the north and south bridge?
  2. Aw Geez! I was at a Fry's Electronics store looking at motherboards. The manufacturers are getting carried away with the chipset and mosfet heatsinks and those infernal pipes that connect them. I saw the potential problem and did not bother with any of those boards. The worst part is a lot of heatsinks are copper colored but they are not copper. The chipset and mosfet heatsinks are a good thing. The pipes connecting them are a waste of time. The real problem is all the supersizing that is going on. Looks like chipset heatsinks and cpu heatsinks have reached the point where they get in each other's way.

    Under no circumstances should you permanently remove chipset and mosfet heatsinks.

    One alternative is to replace the stock chipset and mosfet heatsinks with forged copper heatsinks that will not be in the way, providing you can find the correct size and shape. Skip the pipes. They are a waste of time. The second alternative is to downsize the cpu heatsink. The third alternative is to replace the motherboard with one that is more practical.
  3. Damn, I guess I'm stuck with the stock cooler. as a replacement is a definate no and I have no way of getting a forged heatsink, atleast the cooler was only 75 bucks but I was so keen on overclocking my processor.....but what would a good replacement be ? I'm looking for a DDR3 support motherboard with dual PCI E slots and maybe one with smaller heatsinks, but thanks for the help guys.
  4. You guys got me curious so I googled for images of this motherboard. It looks like all those interconnected heatsinks are the offspring of a Harley-Davidson engine and a roller coaster. When cooling of the components starts become this obsessive, I would suggest adding a window A/C unit. Will do much the same or better for less money. Downside is the loud noise of course, but in the summer, if you are running a high end system in a small room you'll be glad to have it.
  5. roflmao!
  6. Does anyone have an idea on a cooler that I could use which can fit into the mobo ? Prefarably one that works well.
  7. well first measure the clearance that you have around the cpu so you dont buy one thats to big... buy look at companys like OCZ or Xigmatek for example...

    lots of different ones here
  8. +1 for what db140 said

    measure how much space you actually have to work with. If possible take the measurements in mm as that is usually how cpu heatsink dimensions are stated in specifications. Knowing how much space you have will narrow down the search rather quickly.
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