Seagate 1TB new Sata drive - slow hdd transfer

I just purchased a Seagate 1TB sata hdd today and sat through a gruelling 2 hours to format the 930gig it allowed for space.

My problem is .. now i have the drive installed.. i am backing up the data from my 2 x 200gb drives onto it.. and simple files like iso's at around 2gb size are taking 20 - 40 mins to copy to the new drive.

Any idea what would be causing this?

I have never had slow Hdd to Hdd transfer speeds like this b4. Only when copying to the new sata 32mb cache Seagate 1tb hdd.

its got me beat.

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  1. Check in device manager under the drive controllers and make sure the SATA connections are not running in PIO mode, if they are set for IDE emulation.
    If it's in IDE mode make sure its set to DMA 5 or DMA 6.
  2. also, for future reference, do a quick format for new drives. Pretty much the only benefit you get for doing a full format is the computer will identify bad boot sectors and mark them so they are not used in the partition. If you have a brand new drive, you should have no bad boot sectors, and you will essentially be looking for nothing.

    Check the things strum said for possible slow downs. Also, your system memory available will impact how fast your transfer will go. Try moving a set of files that totals about 1 GB and see what kind of speed you get. If you tell it to move the whole drive at once, windows doesn't handle it all that efficiently if it doesn't have multiple cores to work with and CPU cycles to spare. There are some 3rd party freeware apps out there that claim to handle large file transfers better than windows, but never had a need to try them since I do most of my backing up to a network drive on my gigabit network.
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