DVD Burners that can report PIE/POE errors?

On my old system I'm using a PATA Liteon DVD burner to do error scans of DVDs I burn on the DVD recorder connected to my TV. This tells me the PIE and POE error rates and lets me know how good my burns are.

I wanted to get something similar for my new system which is SATA only, but SATA Liteon drives seem to be hard to come by in my neck of the woods. Does anyone know of any other models that can do error scanning?
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  1. Do not know if the "New" plextor drives still come with program to allow dvd error reporting (Plextools). I have the plextor 755 sata drive and use plextools. Also there was a registry hack that woulld allow the samsung drives to be used for PIE/POE reporting. Might check over at CDfreaks forum.
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