3 questions I need answered please!!!!

Hello everyone....

I got 3 pretty good questions I wish to have answered...

1) Ready boost in MS Vista actually worth its wild? (I was gonna buy a 4gb drive just for that)

2) Can a Corsair HX620watt Modular Power Supply handle 2 8800GTS's (G92) in SLI?

3) 8-channel HD onboard audio better then my Old Vintage Sound Blaster Audigy Plantinum PCI Card?

My Specs are as follows

-Chieftec Dragon Case
-AMD 6400+ w/Nirvana ZEROtherm 120 HSF
-Gigabyte GA-M57SLI-S4
-4gb 4x1gb XMS2 Corsair 800
-2x Samsung writemaster DVD-RW SATA
-4 80mm Fans
-Nexus Fan Controller w/2 cold cathode lights
-eVGA 8800GTS G92
-Soundblaster Audigy Plantinum
-8in1 card reader
-Corsair HX620watt PS
-Seagate SATA 250gb
-Maxtor SATA 250gb
-USB2.0 5port PCI Card

7 external USB devices

I just wanted to give all details so no back questions are asked.

Thanks Everyone
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  1. 2.) It can. 8800GTS is PCI-E v1.0 compatible and only has 1 power connector so 150W per card max. That makes 300W theoretical maximum.
    You could fit any 1CPU system inside the remaining 300W.
    USB offers a max of 0.5A per device so that means a maximum of 2.5W per device or 20W for your devices. Is the 6400+ heavily overclocked?

    3.) Not in any way. But you may not care about the difference.
  2. 1 I'd just get more memory
    2 not sure, but I'd think so
    3 do you want 8 channels? its free to test.
  3. With RAM so cheap, it would probably be a lot more logical just to buy extra RAM. Flash Drives are still slow anyway.

    You could easily SLI 2 8800GTS's. You could probably SLI them under a 550-watt too, but it would probably be cutting it close with that power hungry 6400.
  4. I seem to remember that ready boost is only helpful for memory hungry systems. Your 4 gb should be fine and you do not need to worry about it.
  5. 1) I can't see ReadyBoost making any difference whatsoever in that system, 4GB is absolutely ideal right now.

    2) Pretty comfortably I would imagine.

    3) I just like the convenience of not needing a sound card. Unless you are an audiophile I don't think you would notice the difference.
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