Windows cannot find C:\\Program Files\\Mozilla Firefox\\firefox exe make sure yo

Last night, 12 hours from now, 10:46 pm, Google Chrome/Mozilla worked fine, so I downloaded photoshop, and when I tried to install it, it says I have to be an admin. So, I logged off this account and signed in as Administrator, so when I tried to click Mozilla Firefox, it doesn't work. All it did was it came out with this : " Windows cannot find C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox exe.' Make sure you typed the name correctly and then try again. To search for a file, click the Start button, then click search"
So then I was like "Oh, okay, I'll log off and log in the other account", then I did, and I clicked Google Chrome, it came out with the same type of message! "Windows cannot find bla bla bla" then I tried mozilla, same story! And also I tried clicking my anti virus to scan for viruses but that won't work too! It says the same thing :(
So, I clicked start, clicked Run and typed in msconfig it also has the same message :??:
Please, tell me how to fix this.
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  1. You downloaded Photoshop? Where from? I wasn't aware that Adobe sold Photoshop as a download (but I'm willing to be corrected). Or was it the trial version?

    If the download was from a non-Adobe source, it's possible that it was corrupt and that your PC has been infected with a virus. You should try running an antivirus program from a bootable CD.
  2. that is probably due to registry errors.I advise you to download this software from http "://" and then click on full scan and then fix errors .If it does not fix the problem, please reply.
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