I have A Toshiba M65-S809, I don\'t like windows 7 .Can I Change back to windows

Hello, I don't mean to Be a bother, I have a toshiba M65-S809. My program was changed from Windows XP to Windows 7. I don't like it. Is it possible to go back to Windows XP. And what are the procedures.

Thank you
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  1. Dude it is little wonder Win 7 has not filled you with joy with the specifications of that laptop. It needs a bit more than that to provide a decent experience. You will need to re install XP from scratch. Hopefully you will still have the recovery disks that came with the laptop. If the laptop has an XP License Number on it then you can also install using the correct version of XP for that number off any XP Disk. So if it is XP Home you will need XP Home. If it is XP Pro then you need XP Pro. The label with the number should say what it is.
  2. Find your (recovery disk) and insert it in your drive and at the boot screen go to the bios by pressing del or f2 or f12 (depends on you model) and choose to boot from a cd drive, and restart, the steps then are straight forward . but you better backup any important data before because it is going to format you system and turn it to its factory settings.
    Mind you that this will set you back several years worth of updates.
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