Need help wit pny geforce 8600gt overclock settings

On riva tuner what are the max settings for overclocking im a noob at this stuff and i want my games to run better wit my pny geforce 8600gt im getting????? please help and plz dont post crap about how noobish i am and how much of a retard i am or anything offensive like that lol again please help it will be very much appriciated thank you heres the link to my exact gfx card
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  1. Max is um... whatever LoL

    There is no preset maximum for ANY overclock on anything. Bump it up a lil at a time until it crashes, then back it off and test stability.

    I had an 8600gt at one time and the puny heatsink didn't keep it very cool even at stock settings. This may be a limiting factor for you as well. Just examine the temps with riva tuner and don't let em get to high. One easy way to get performance out of an 8600gt is to lower resolution and quality settings, it really isn't to bad of a card at 1024x768 and med/low settings.
  2. hmmm thank you very much i did not know this i really appriciate it so what do i bump it up by like 5 each time or what????? lol and does it really increase the performance of the card????? ive heard it acually runs better not overclocked and when its overclocked when it crashes will it damage my pc or gfx card?
  3. Hi pkchoobkill,

    I realise this is an old thread but I might have an answer to you question as I have an 8600GT DDR2 512 :) Mine is the ASUS version though and has a massive headsink fan so it stays really cool. I have mine running stable at Core: 685 Shader: 1640 Memory 470 on Rivatuner.
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