Low end CPU and a High end GPU

I currently have a evga 8800 gts 512 mb for gpu and for cpu a amd 2.2 3500+ soon to be an amd 3800+ X2. I know both cpu will bottleneck the gpu but I was wondering if there was any way to make my pc run better even tho i have a high end gpu and a low end cpu. I use to have a ati x1600 for graphics then I bought the 8800 and I see a difference but not a HUGE difference from what i hoped.

The games I currently play the most are age of conan and call of duty 4. In cod4 I get about a constant 125 fps is medium graphics but in age of conan on LOWEST I get average 30 fps but get alot of lag spikes which are annoying.

So does anyone have any ideas how to maximize my pc speed with a high end gpu and a low end cpu?

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  1. Theres pretty much nothing you can do except turn off all the useless Windows processes and services, defrag the HDD, all those tricks. That is a really really bad CPU to use with the 8800 GS. It is obviously your bottleneck, and a tight neck at that.

    I am suprised Conan even runs with that ancient CPU =)
  2. overclock that cpu!
  3. Well, yeah, read the CPU overclocking threads :)
  4. I have 3500 too on 2.86GHz stable.1.47V.Overclock it and it will be OK.
  5. Rabidsqurl, you might enjoy reading this (and the two pages that follow):
  6. Do you have enough RAM? 4gb is cheap these days.
  7. geofelt said:
    Do you have enough RAM? 4gb is cheap these days.

    ...Yeah, because 4gb is useable.
  8. I have 2 gigs.I have xp tho I hear max ram for xp is 3.5 so it could be worth it

    I cannot overclock cause my bios doesnt let me (bought the pc from acer) tho I have read about flashing your bios but I heard that could really damage your system. Anyone have a safe way to do it please post.
  9. A64 3500+ to X2 3800+ will make a huge difference in some games. But it could still use some clock speeds like an X2 4800+ in other games.

    Here is A64 4000+ (single core 2.4Ghz) vs X2 4200+(dual core 2.2Ghz) vs X2 5600+ (dual core 2.8Ghz) paired with a stock clocked 8800GS in a crysis scripted bench:

    medium details:

    And High details:

    Actual Oblivion gameplay max details outside in heavy tree cover, but not in deep foliage (grass). Notice the low minimum fps with the single core cpu despite the average being close to the X2 4200+. The higher clocked 5600+ destroys both though.

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