over heating problem with 9800GTX?

i have just recently bought a new computer..
package - jsptech with 25w side fan.. a fan at the back.. jsp tech 500w real.
the cpu fan is artic cooling 7 pro, and geforce nvidia 9800GTX.
i installed SPEEDFAN software.. and when i open the computer ,speedfan show me about 45' at the graphic card.
and rises until it gets to 60,and that's it ,stopping at 60'.
when i play call of duty for example it rises more something like 70'+-.
is it normal for this kind of card?? or should i add /do something??
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  1. somebody??
  2. I am not a speedfan fan... I prefer RivaTuner for Nvidia Video cards. So this is what you are saying, I am trying to put your words together properly.

    It idles at 45 degrees, or was that 60 degrees? And while you play COD4 it hits about 70 degrees? Is that correct?

    first off, what brand card do you have? Some brands run different temps because they set their fan profiles differently. I have an XFX 8800GTS/512 which is more of less the same card you have. In COD4 I hit about 65+- depending on the temp of my room. XFX has a very agressive fan profile where it will spin the fan faster and gives cooling priority. However eVGA gives quiet priority. It will let the card get hotter to spare you the noise of the fan, so I know those 8800GTS's will hit 70 degrees.

    So when it comes down to it, NO 70+- degrees is not bad. Video Cards are made to run hot.
  3. Also, What are the specs of your PSU. Sometimes if the PSU is not powerful enough it can make your video card work harder to draw the power it needs. I never heard of JSP Tech so I am not familiar.
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