Direct Console 2.0 on ASUS G50

Hey all, I have a ASUS G50 that features Direct Console 2.0. I was wondering if direct console actually overclocks the processor or just the CPU to run at normal clock speeds while unplugged. Also, if it does in fact overclock the processor, any clue how much?! Thanks.

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  1. Go to the ASUS product page for the G50 and post your question on the product page forum. Perhaps send ASUS tech support an email and ask.
  2. i have the p8600 stock at 2.4 overclocked on turbo is 2.6 says cupz
  3. Another Question
    How do you remove Direct Console 1.x and 2.x
    My laptops doesn't seem to use its advance features.
    URLs appreciated!!!! :bounce:
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