Computer keeps shutting down when i start up

Ok something is wrong with my pc, it keeps shutting down about 2 minutes into boot up.
Yesterday i took all the leads out of the pc and moved it, and i vaccumed the dusk, on the outside and in.
Now i dont know what to do.
I have took it apart and reassembled it but no luck same thing keeps happening, and when it starts it says windows needs to check hdd, it does then it shuts down. If i cancel it starts gettinsg to the windows loading pages and shuts down.

My specs are
seagate burracurda 320
ocr ram 800mhz 2gb
some dvd drive
x1950 pro 256
and a hyper type m psu

cheers hope some one can help!
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  1. First off you don't ever use a vacume to clean a pc, the vacume cleaner will generate static electricity. Assuming you didn't damage the board with a static charge, if you can get into the BIOS make sure non of your settings changed. The board could have a weak battery and during the time it was unplugged could have just lost you boot order settings.

    Moving air by using a vacume or just spraying it with compressed air causes static charges. Always use the can's of air made for cleaning out a computer, these can's of compressed air have had the air cleaned and have added a compound to prevent static buildup.
  2. what OS do you have?
    if xp, try doig the repair install...
    Can you get into safe mode?

    You could also download UBCD

    and try running the HD test software. Have there been any signs of a failing HD? anything else unusual?

    Are there any beep codes from the MOBO?
  3. I know i was stupid, saying that i study physics so i should know. hmm im running vista. I got it to work like 10 minutes ago then it restarted it again and the same thing is happening. no beeps or anything just cuts out! i duno what to do :( i can start into safe mode but it shuts down after 30 seconds or so.
  4. PSU would be the next thing I would check.
  5. I've taken that out, same thing happens. It do think it is the psu or mobo
  6. Now im not getting any image on the monitor, and there is a red led about the graphics card on now. crap!
  7. Check to make sure that your heatsink/fan is seated properly. Normally it won't boot for 10 minutes however you might get one or two if it is seated, just not all the way. If you are getting a light stating that the graphics card is bad perhaps you should change your graphics card and see if that fixes the issue.
  8. if only i had another grapics card. :( guna have to buy another one. yeh i check the cpu first as i thought it was overheating.
  9. liar liar pants on fire
  10. Using a vacuum is a big no no as Stoner133 stated but more as you could have sucked up jumpers or bumped into parts. Vacuum's pull air very fast and can embed dust and partials into soft compound of resisters. If the vacuum sucked near a heat sink it can cause air bubbles form in between the heat sink and chips.
  11. i think its the psu, as i did vaccum that slot, or the motherboard. what a fool i am. the graphics card works at least now. i duno if i should rma them or just buy a new psu, mobo
  12. btw if you use a vacuum it can create static discharges that's why you should never use a vacuum.
  13. ah crap, if the psu isnt broken, then im f---ed
  14. Does it shutdown itself or just die(turn off itself). If it shuts down, the reason could be a virus. I got a virus once that shuts down my pc when I run a .exe file. Since there are many .exe s running at start up, my pc started shutting down after few minutes. If this is the case with you as well you will have to reinstall windows.
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