Will this be enough juice for these cards?

Ok guys, first of all, I know it's not a name brand PSU that many of you know. I realize that. But I'm also on a bit of a budget, and my wife will probably be ticked if I spend too much on this upgrade.

What I have right now is an Athlon 5200 x2, 2gb ram, single hard drive, dvd burner.

But I'm considering this PSU.


Only 26 bucks or so, but it's a dual rail design listed as 20 amps on one, 19 on the other.

Reason I need the PSU upgrade is I either want to go with this video card


Which has a company of heros game....


this card


this one has call of duty 4. I've played call of duty 4 before, so not as big a deal. Just not company of heros. Any recommendations on either by the way?

Anyway. The PSU I'm looking at, will that be enough to power either of those cards? I am thinking yes. Yeah, it's a cheaper one, but the primary reason for trying this is because I'm wanting to get the best bang for my buck as I'm wanting to play on whichever card I get for at least 1-2 years. I have a 19 inch CRT monitor now, but will probably be going to a 19 inch dell widescreen.

So what do you guys think is it enough or not? Keep in mind, I want to stay at 200, really below if I can help it. I know as well I can look at a 9600gt, but from the reviews I read, the overclocked 8800gs should actually beat the 9600 in a lot of things.

So that's kind of why I'm at the point I am at. Also, I know there is the 9600gso, but that's basically a rebranded 8800gs and should perform about the same as the gs, but does not give as large of a rebate. I am in the states, looking mostly at newegg, tigerdirect is an option, but I'm in Illinois, so I'd have to pay sales tax on anything from there. Opinions?
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  1. Not sure about the brand, almost looks like what they put in HP's. If it isnt junk maker, itll do fine. Maybe someone is familiar with the brand?
  2. See, that's what I'm looking at, I've been around computers a while, and I've not heard of them, but the amperage rating looks really good. Also, newegg carries an OEM version of this unit, then another one that has the same ratings and all of them have 10 or more ratings and 4 of 5 stars or better overall. So that's why I'm thinking about it. Because I do a little gaming, not as much as I used to. But not like I'm gonna do sli with it. Thing is for some of the more expensive PSU's, they don't even list having the same amperages as this, which sometimes lower end companies inflate ratings I realize. It just does not come with all the fancier connections, but I only need one sata, one molex, then 2 molex for a pci e adapter that comes with the card and maybe a y cable for a couple of fans.

    On the video cards, is the 8800gt really worth that much more than say the 8800 gs? Or do you guys think the 9600gt would be better considering the extra memory vs price? Like I'm seriously maybe gonna get the dell widescreen. But then officemax had a sceptre 22 inch widescreen on clearance for a little more so if it's not much more expensive, I may bite on that too. I know at lower resolution the gs kills, but if I start going up too much....I don't want to have the card struggle much.
  3. I say go for it. Theyre mass selling these things for ma and pa's out there. If its HP over runs, youre getting a good product
  4. Yeah, that's what I'm thinking. I mean the ratings are good, and the amperages are way higher than most others.

    Ok, 2nd question. Video card. If you guys were only going to run single monitor, 19-22 inch, and your on a budget, which do you think your going for? Again, under 200. Keep in mind as well though, I plan to grab a pci slot cooling fan for added ventilation. Also, my tower is a mid atx I think. But has a 250 mm fan on the one side. So don't know how size will play in. May have to measure later.
  5. By the way, what do you guys think about this card?


    Would be about 10 bucks more than the 8800gs I wanted, but it's an overclocked 9600gt, overclocked to 700mhz I think. Also comes with the witcher, which does not look like my style of game, but ebay for 30 bucks and make a little money on the side.
  6. The Gs oces like mad, but that only draws more power. To me, they both look good
  7. Jay, thanks for all the input. Been studying it out as you can see, just trying to get that bang for the buck you know. But I appreciate you input. Thanks!
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