Saphire Ultimate 3850 HD system crash- live TV problem


I have this big problem that everytime I tune on to a HD channel on Dish Network, most of them use h264, the system crashes, I'm using the latest 8.5 CC driver.

Before when I had 8.4 I could watch for say 2 min (its was random really) but now when I watch using 8.5 it is within seconds ALWAYS.

The system 1 or 2 times actually crashed on Youtube video! I am not much of a gamer but I do play Day of Defeat (Steam Vault), and when I run the frames change so slow, I usually get killed because of this tearing/lagging.

With regards to Live TV the picture is blurry/washed out somewhat. Also when the person/camera moves I see like "heat waves" (not much, but very noticeble). I don't know the technical term but it is like you know when it is a hot day you can see wavish/blurry motion. On on top of a fire there is that "wavish" look. When I look at the ATI video setting for vector adapter, bob, weave,... so forth the video there shows the heat wave thing very clearly as the flag moves.

Are there any fixes to improve my picture quality and to get rid of these heat waves, and more importantly my computer always crashes with the h264 Live TV channels and in general ALL HD channels, the SD channels usually don't crash (i don't remember if the comp crashed on them) but the PQ still sucks and has the artifacts I mentioned. My temps are around 48 C all the time pretty much. I'm using Vista32

Here's my system rig:

Gigabyte EP35C-DSR3 (Rev 2.1)
Sapphire Ultimate 3850 HD (it is fanless/heatsink cooled) (PCI-E)
Intel Quadcore Q6600
PC Power & Cooling 610W PSU
Vista 32bit SP1
Seagate 250GB HD with SATA cable

As for codecs I have the CoreAVC, Cyberlink, Arcsoft which all do h264. I see a lot of ghosting as well. Any help and info is very appreciated.
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  1. I want to assume that your ghosting is simply caused by your monitor... What is the response time on it?
  2. 8ms I believe its a Sony 52" LCD, have any idea or tweaks that I should try which will help with the other problems?
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