MoBo with onboard graphics and support for 16GB?

Hi all!

Are there any MoBo's out there with onboard graphics, and capable of supporting 16GB of memory? Preferably one that can take the Intel Q6600 CPU.

Any suggestions?
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  1. If you're going with onboard graphics I'd really go with AMD. Else just pick up a $50 graphics card to go with your intel board.
  2. Quote:
    What on earth would you want 16gb of memory for? 8gb would be major overkill.

    Why overkill? It's going to be the a VMware host, so the more memory, the better...
  3. Do you realize that the 16gb of memory alone would cost you about $1000.

    The 4gb Dimms which whould be required have just been released and are priced crazy expensive.

    You would be better off with a Workstation Device at this point which have more Dimm slots.

    But a more direct answer, is that the only Chipset that supports Intel Chips and 16gb of memory at this point are the P45 boards which don't have on-board graphics.

    Some AMD solutions have both.
    However, none of the Motherboards has more than 4 Dimm slots so the price of memory will be crazy.

    Technically some boards have more than 4 slots, but in such cases they are simply to allow for the use of DDR2 or DDR3. You cannot populate all of the slots at any point in time.
  4. OK for that kinda thing you'd need a Intel Xeon processor on a socket 771 motherboard. As far as the onboard graphics go, rather get a cheap PCI or
    PCI-E graphics card just to shift the graphics memory "out" of the system memory.
  5. The P45 chipset is supposed to come out with an onboard graphics solution soon. G45 I think it's called. That may have 16Gb RAM support, and will support quads.
  6. Perhaps I'll just wait for the G45 then :-)
  7. yeah i've only seen amd boards with 16GB of graphics support with onboard

    If you have the bank to buy 16GB of ram, what's keeping you from just getting a cheapo graphics card?
    This HD2600 pro would be great. if your going to be running multiple vm wares you may want to setup up multimonitors.

    Coupled with this mobo

    you'd have a decent little 1 station network to play with.
  8. Get a $20 bottom feeder graphics card. Since this widens your choices of motherboards, you'll probably get a good deal that more than offsets the $20.
  9. Even cheapo cards take up space and block airflows to some extent... ;-)
  10. evert said:
    Even cheapo cards take up space and block airflows to some extent... ;-)

    Then you have to switch to AMD. It doesn't exist for Intel.
  11. It sounds like you're building a silent PC that's meant to run some pretty heavyweight media (music creation or graphic/video design) applications. I can understand then that you don't want a separate graphics card, as that would mean an additional fan, and so, additional noise. Am I correct here?
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