ReadyBoost Flash Drive & Optical Mouse on One USB Hub

Really Short Version: Will I mess up Windows Vista ReadyBoost Performance if I plug in my ReadyBoost Drive (Patriot Xporter 4GB @30MB/S Write/Read) if I plug it into a USB hub that it will be sharing with my USB mouse.


So, I have a Vista 32-bit laptop. I am pretty happy with it, but I want to try to max it out performance wise. I thought I should go for this ReadyBoost thing. I am going to get a Patriot Xporter 4GB USB Stick that reads/writes at about 30MB/s. Very fast. I also have Wireless Mouse I want to hook up.

Here is my problem, although it is more of a preference. I have 4 USB 2.0 Ports on my laptop. However, 3 of them are located on the side where my mouse is and only one is on the back. My desk is very small and barely accommodates my 17" laptop. So I like to keep the side of my laptop where my mouse is clean of any USB device plugs.

So, (getting to my point), would it be stupid or performance killing to use a 2 Port USB Hub to plug both my mouse and the ReadyBoost Drive, (both into the back USB port)??? Like would this mess up the ReadyBoost thing which is very speed+bandwidth hungry? I hear that USB ports can pull off like 480MB/s. Just uncertain.

I just do not know how this all works. Thanks for reading this book, and thanks for any answers.
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  1. short answer no and usb is 480Mb/s = 48MB/s
    yr good
  2. it'll work, but even under optimal conditions, Ready Boost isn't going to turn your computer into a speed demon. Yes it does help, though if you don't have your memory maxed out on your laptop, you'll get a bigger performance gain from a RAM upgrade.
  3. Yeah, actually the memory is maxed out. And it is a funny story. Crucial Memory Test told me my laptop could accept 4GB of RAM, so I bought 4GB (2 x 2) of Kingston HyperX on Newegg, and installed it, and got a black screen on boot. Turns out Crucial miss-scanned my system as a similar model, which can accept 4, but mine can only take 2 (came with 1GB in DC). So as I of now I am running 2GB Single Channel.

    Right so back to the point. I want to add a bit of boost. So its not going to affect write/read speeds if it is sharing a hub? Well that is nice if it isn't.
  4. Actually if worst comes to worse, I can put in that dongle for the Wireless mouse on the side. I doubt it would be horrible.

    Well I thank everyone for responses. If you have any other opinions or ideas, feel free to post. Very much appreciated.
  5. I thought a bit more about your specific question, and there might be a small performance drop through the hub with a mouse attached, but it won't be huge unless you were using a premium gaming mouse that polls at a very high rate, and even then it's not going to be sending tons of data relative to what the USB drive is using for bandwidth.

    If your laptop is so old that it can only support 2 GB RAM total, you might want to consider retiring it in the near future. Within the next year, your laptop will probably be outclassed by a netbook performance even.
  6. Late reply sorry. My laptop was purchased in 2007 when Vista was making its appearance. It was very expensive at the time, because it had a Pentium Dual Core Processor and GMA 950 Graphics. As for retiring it?? Not anytime soon. It runs smoothly, more so than any hardware guru would think. The reason it supports only 2GB of RAM is because it was packaged with a 32-bit version of Windows. What's the point of them having to use a higher end motherboard when it can only utilize 3.5GB of RAM.

    I was just trying to find any other ways to increase or squeeze out performance.

    But thanks for the input, been busy lately, and going to order the drive soon.
  7. Going by the age of your computer, yeah I wouldn't retire it either, though I still find it odd they only had it support 2GB RAM. I bought a laptop at nearly the same time that was actually part of the "free vista upgrade with purchase" program, and it supported 4GB. What's the make and model of your laptop?
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