8600gts or 8800gs

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  1. Well, look at the specs, the core clock on the 8600 is higher as is the memory frequency.
  2. No comparison, the 8800GS is way more powerful. Don't even consider an 8600GTS priced that close.

    And honestly, I doubt two 8600GTS in SLI could beat a single 8800GS is any game. The GS is simply twice the card.

    That 8800GS will trade blows with the 320MB 8800GTS. look at 8600GTS vs 8800GTS 320MB. http://www.legionhardware.com/document.php?id=710&p=2
  3. 8800GS is better.
  4. to Andelin09:
    Nope the 8800 is alot better definitely go for it
  5. Yeah, what a steal for $100 with COD4 and a lifetime warranty even. I wish I needed another one.
  6. No comptetition..the 8600 GTS is not in the same league.

    The weak spot with the 8800GS and cards in the same class, is its 384MB of 192-bit memory. On lower resolutions this isn't a problem, however if you crank up the detail and resolution you'll see a large drop in frames.

    On that basis the choice for me would be between a 9600GT and faster 8800GT. Both offer 512MB of 256-bit memory.


    Lowest NewEgg prices after rebate:

    8800 GS = $99
    512MB 9600 GT = $130
    512MB 8800 GT = $134

    Latest GPU Comparisons http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/graphics-card,1923.html
  7. 8800gs
  8. One 8800GS is even better than 2 8600GTS in SLI.
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