Library Issue I am having , Help please

I am totally new to win7 and I was setting up the libraries to save to another hard drive since my main drive is an SSD that has limited space.

I changed the pictures folder so it saw the other hard drive but I think I might have made a mistake and used the whole drive as the folder instead of a sub folder on the drive itself. Now when I go to try to change the path back to a different path it gives me "System Volume Information access is denied" message.

Any ideas how I can fix this? :??:
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More about library issue please
  1. If you do not have anything on the other drive, your best bet is to just do a quick format, which should reset it. If that is a no go, unhook it for a minute or so and plug it back in and see if that resets it, i.e. maybe the computer will see it as a new drive.
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