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Hey everybody!
I have a problem with my Windows 7. I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit. The problem is that when I try to enter a certain folder in my external hdd explorer crashes... Can it be the size of folder? It's 524GB big... Maybe explorer can't take it? Just upgraded from Vista and I had no problems on Vista what so ever... I've tried CCleaner and other pc cleaning software... Any suggestions?

P.S. I've searched around on Google for any similar problems but every problem concludes in cleaning the register or the hdd.
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  1. Does it contains avi video?
  2. The tool you should have used is check disk, Right click on the drive icon, select properties, then select the tools tab and click on the check now button.
  3. Yes there are .avi files and other movie files. And I'll try pjmelect's suggestion and then get back to you. Thank you so far. :)
  4. The hdd is checked but there were no errors... It's still crashing it that folder... :(
  5. Have you booted up in safe mode and tried accessing the folder?
  6. one of your avi files has a bad property tag

    Edit: proper term is metadata tag

    Ok, sometime thumbnail preview also cause crash. Disable it.
  7. yup in safe mode it doesn't crash. maybe it's because of what Pyree says. Because in safe mode it doesn't load thumbnails.
  8. yup just disabled the thumbnails. thank you it worked! but do you know how to do it in one folder only? or does it have to be all folders?
  9. Have you tried in explorer tools, view “show hidden files and folders” and then deleting the file “Thumbs.db” in the problem folder? You should then be able to re-enable thumbnails.
  10. can't seem to find the thumbs.db file. did a search in explorer too. no match. and when I re-enable the thumbs it crashes again .
  11. Sorry I forgot that this is the Windows 7 forum, the instructions I gave you were for Windows XP. Go to Tools on Explorer and then the view tab and untick the box that says “Hide protected operating system files (recommended)” you should now be able to see the file thumbs.db and delete it.
  12. nope still not there...
  13. hi, If you haven't got a lot of files in that folder why don't you put them in another folder one at a time until you find the one that is corrupt. Then just keep that file on its own or delete if you dont need it
  14. right. i have a lot of files in the folder. but ill try it anyways. :)
  15. as far as i've tested its the mkv files. tell you the final result later.
  16. you have to enable the view of hidden files, as well as protected system files, to see the thumb.db
  17. ill try that when i get home. thanks not home now.
  18. nope its still not there...
  19. it's in my music folders and other folders but not with video files. i have k-lite codec pack. should i reinstall it? and media player classic is my standard player for almost all the video files. so media player generates the thumbs. am i right?
  20. It could crash as well, if u have an illegal character in the name of folder, file or both. Sometimes u cannot delete those files in an easy way.
  21. "... is my standard player for almost all the video files. so media player generates the thumbs."

    First try to change the view to detail view. And restart.
  22. tried that then what?
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