video card seems broken, any chance I could fix it?

My computer displays a very purple-heavy screen from bootup throughout operation. The issue is not with the cable or monitor, I've tested both with another box. I did notice a spark when I plugged the tower into the wall. I had also just unpacked the computer after moving it, so it may have gotten jostled/dusty during the process.

My questions:
1) What is the most likely cause of this defect?
2) What are the chances I can fix it without getting a new graphics card?
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  1. Who makes the card. Alot of them offer a lifetime warranty.
  2. just curious...are you sure its not the monitor??

    To check, have a go at degaussing it from one of the menu buttons around ur screen. If you still get the same effect then it probably is the card.

    its just iv seen something similar on another pc and all i had to do was degauss and everything was back to normal.
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