New motherboard, keyboard and mouse won't work in windows

Hey, hoping someone can help me out here

I just got a new motherboard and my keyboard and mouse are recognised by the bios and the keyboard operates properly in the bios but as soon as Windows XP starts loading up they lose power and I can't even log in or anything.

Legacy is turned on.

Not sure what the problem is =/

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  1. USB or PS/2?
  2. USB
  3. Try turning "Legacy" off. That can sometimes interfere with modern USB keyboards and mice. At least it did on mine.
  4. Didn't solve the problem
  5. Enable USB Keyboard and Mouse in BIOS.

    Enable USB ports

    Will your system work with your old keyboard/mouse?
    If so use it to search/download drivers for your new Keyboard/mouse or to install the driver CD that came with MB/M

    Maybe this also: you might have the USB header on the MB connected wrong, disabling your USB devices. Unplug the header untill you get the KB/M working.
  6. i dont have an old keyboard/mouse lying around, the keyboard and mouse are both enabled in bios, i'll try disconnecting the USB header for the front ports in a little bit, just cooking atm

    is there anything else it could be?
  7. Does the MB/M have to be synchronized to the receiver?
    I have a MS Combo that does and a Logitech that dosent.
  8. what do you mean by synchronized to the receiver? If you're referring to a wireless setup my USB keyboard and mouse are both wired.
  9. I tried pullling out the plug for the front panel USB ports and they keyboard/mouse still didn't work once windows had started
  10. I was refering to wireless.
  11. Ah okay, then it isn't an issue.

    What on earth could it be? :(
  12. Did you unplug the MB USB header connector and retry?

    Be sure the PC is turned off and unpluged one arm resting on case while touching MB, unpluging/pluging in.
  13. Do you mean the USB headers for the front ports? Yes I already did. No luck.
  14. Same make/model Motherboard?

    Do you have XP disk?
  15. I don't have my XP disk

    What do you mean same make/model motherboard? Its an ASUS p5q-e, my old motherboard was an older asus with a different chipset
  16. When bios starts up push and hold F8. Does it go into SAFE MODE?
  17. Yes it goes into safe mode, still no keyboard/mouse support
  18. Can you borrow another KB/M from someone? (PS/2)

    Have you tried different USB ports?
  19. Unfortunately no-one who lives nearby my owns one, i'd have to go and buy one, would you recommend doing that?

    By the way, my motherboard only has one (shared) port for a PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse so I wouldn't be able to use both together (I can just navigate windows with a keyboard though)
  20. Have you tried using any of the other USB ports?
  21. Yeah i've moved them around, no luck
  22. actually, just put them in the front panel ports, now they're working??
  23. If you buy another Keyboard and Mouse get Name brand. If it works for you great, you are all set. If not you can return it and with a clear conscience say that it didnt work for you and get your money back.
  24. Thats great news.
    So you have a Motherboard back panel problem. Stand-Off in wrong place grounding/MB touching the case somewhere. Bad MB
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