Parameter is incorrect

hi there

i just bought a new base unit and have added my old harddrive to it which contained all my music and saved files of old

everything worked fine for a couple of days but now i'm getting 'parameter is incorrect' message when i try to open it

looking on disk management it says the disk is healthy BUT empty???

i've been looking about and heard tale of winhex
so i downloaded it and can open the physical drive where it seems there is plenty of data so i'm hopeing thats my music,

question is how do i recover it... all seems a bit technical to me

any help / guide would be appreciated

many thanks
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  1. did your old hard drive have the operating system installed on it? if so, and that OS just happens to be windows of any version, then the only chance you have at the moment is to grab Knoppix
    this is a torrent file, don't worry, this torrent is completely legal. hope you have a program such as utorrent installed

    this is a live cd, there is no need to install. once booted, just search for your drive with your music, and move the data from that drive to the other
  2. no my drive was just for user files
    no windows installed on it
  3. none the less, it sounds like a windows error, ive had this problem once before in the ME era, and a live cd helped me fix it.

    btw, after you copy everything, make sure to reformat the drive
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