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i have a e7300 processor and ive read about ppl pushing them to 4ghz but i only want to get 3.8ghz i have tried changing everything i can think of but cant get it to pass prime95 torture test ive even pushed the vcore out to 1.4 which intel says not to go past 1.36 i have messed with the northbridge and dram voltages and nothin changes. does anyone know of a cpu testing program that gives u specifics on what fails cuz prime95 doesnt i can oc to 3.6ghz just fine but when i try to oc anymore than that its becomes unstable. i dont know if i have just one of those lucky chips that cant oc well or what plz tell me what u think and what i can do to get it stable any help would be appreciated

my system
msi p43 neo3 mobo
g.skill 4gb 800mhz
850 psu
3rd party cooler

let me know if u need to list anything else and by the way i know its not my temps cuz at 3.6ghz max load i only reach 59c thanks in advance for any help
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  1. Care to list your settings? Its impossible to list what you should do if we have no idea what your doing right now.
  2. i have disabled all the intel stuff (dont remember it all like the speedstep etc) the only thing i have changed from auto is vcore fsb and multiplier but here is my settings

    dot control: disabled
    intelEIST: disabled
    intel CSTATE: disabled
    fsb: 400
    multiplier: 9
    cpu freq: 3600

    all ram timings are auto
    dram ratio : 1:1 1600:800
    dram freq : 800

    cpu voltage: 1.3550
    dram voltage: auto
    mch: auto
    vtt fsb; auto
    ich: auto

    spread spectrum: disabled

    let me know if u need to know anyother settings i listed out all the ones i can think of that have to deal with ocing
  3. What are the timings on your RAM? You may have to loosen them and possibly bump the dram voltage to get the RAM to play nice over 800Mhz.

    Have you tried slowly upping the fsb(a few mhz at a time) and then test stability? You may be running into a fsb wall or dead spot right at that 3.8ghz setting.
  4. ram timings are 5-5-5-15 and yeah i have tried upping a little at a time but no matter how i try anything between 3.6 and 4.0ghz still fails after a few seconds in prime95 i also have messed with the dram my ram can operate between 1.8 and 1.9v and i messed with the settings in between that but no luck im almost thinkin 3.6 is all i might get out of this chip i have hear messing the the mch and ich could help but honestly im not sure what those settings r
  5. 1. Did you set the PCI to something other than auto?
    2. Tom's used E7200 and E7300 in some of their builds, and I don't think they got to 4GHz either. You might read those articles to see if you get any hints from them.,2072.html,2113.html
  6. no i didnt set it to anything else but i just got fear 2 and had it oc to 3.6ghz and it ran really bad but i kicked it down to 3.33ghz and everything else to auto and it ran fine from there i dont know if that helps at all or not i also have been trying to use there article on the e7200 but it doesnt seem to help i dont know what else i can do to get to it oc and work fine here i the manual for my mobo so u can c all the settings for it and can maybe tell me where am going wrong or what i need to change so here it is

    sorry but u have to download the file to read it but i really do appreciate any help i can get
  7. If your computer speeds up when you lower the clock speed to 3.33 it sounds like it wasn't stable at 3.6. So 3.6 or close to it will be about what you can expect.

    So what I would do is focus on finding the highest clock speed that is totally stable. Sounds like 3.33 runs fine, so I would test around 3.5 to see if things run slightly faster and are just as stable.
  8. ok just for fun i tried running at 3.6 with 1.3675v and it ran stable for 3hrs (got tired of waiting and wanted to play fear 2) the only thing i am worried about now is that it is over the intel specs for voltage which is 1.3625 will that .050 fry my cpu cause what i am really looking for is longevity but good oc too in the three hours of prime95 my temps didnt go over 62c so i hope that will be ok having a little higher voltage
  9. With that voltage/temps I wouldn't worry too much about the CPU lasting. You will most likely replace the CPU before it dies.
  10. ok cool thanks for all the help i really appreciate it
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