is the ASUS P5Q3 DELUXE/WIFI-AP mobo a bad board?

it doesn't look it has good reviews.

Isn't this board just the deluxe with added wifi??? the deluxe has amazing reviews! no problems at all.

Shouldn't they share the same amount of problems lol?

I really like the idea of having onboard wifi...if not whats a good addon wifi card???

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  1. I can't really answer your onboard WiFi question but i can tell you that it should be a really good board. I myself am using the P5Q deluxe, basically no DDR3 and WiFit compared to the P5Q3 Deluxe/WiFi-AP. I absolutely love every part of my P5Q Deluxe....except the onboard sound...worse ever in my opinion. OC really well and very stable voltage.
  2. oh dang that sucks. I was hoping for the onboard sound to be decent. is it really that bad?

    ahh and i also heard that the P5Q3 Deluxe/WiFi-AP is ddr3 only, as in it can't do ddr2.

    I think im just going to get the regular P5Q deluxe mobo...but is there a way to get wifi on it somehow? by an addon of somesort, usb or pci or something?
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  6. Maybe I'm showing off my total networking nimrod-ery here, but isn't wi-fi just the catchy word for wireless networking. In which case I know I've seen tons of wireless cards for a desktop at big box stores (best buy, circuit city, etc.), and if they have them then I'm sure you could find a good card online for a much cheaper price. As far as which one is better than the other's I really can't help there. I know lot's of people are happy with linksys, but I've heard of plenty of people who hate them too, I think it really varies product to product more than brand to brand.
  7. Mr. Moo just go look at all the fine WiFi cards at newegg, pick one that is rated well. Personally I would never use wireless to connect to gaming servers.
  8. I've been using this board for a couple weeks now, its pretty solid overall, at least in my setup. I can't really say anything for the audio because I'm using an X-fi, and for whatever reason the built in wifi doesnt seem to work right so I popped in my old one, that may or may not get fixed down the line by Asus. The only other issue I've had was updating from the 704 to the 904 bios, system just crashed over and over when I booted. As far as recommending a good wifi card, I've been using the ABit Airpace WiFi for over a year now with no problems. It's a PCI-Ex1 so it takes up little space also, I couldn't find it on Newegg but it is on NCIX.
  9. I also have the WiFi AP version of the P5Q Deluxe. It is a very nice board but be careful which RAM you buy. Make sure to buy the exact model numbers off of ASUS' qualified vendor list and you will be fine.

    I got the OCZ DDR3 1600 kit and an E8400 with the board and everything is screaming fast. Audio sounds fine to me on my small computer speakers. No buzzing or crackles.

    You also have to upgrade the BIOS right away as there were some problems with the initial BIOS.
  10. Ok, so I just bought the ASUS P5Q3 Deluxe with wifi and I have almost everything connected. The only problem i have right now is that I do not know where to connect my dvd/cd rom drives. Even the mobo layout page said nothing about it. The mobo came with some ATA cords along with an IDE cable which I figured out are for Hard Drives. Is there any specific cable I need for my dvd/cd rom drives or do I need to go buy a certain kind of cd/dvd rom drive?
  11. Well im not sure but i can see one IDE socket on your board do i guess if you connected your hdd(s) that way than you might face a problem, as you can only have 2 PATA devices connected that way. I personally went for SATA for both HDDs and optical drives, as theres plenty of connectors
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