22" or Dual-17" with HD3870

Hi There,

Here’s my spec:

Athlon 3500+ @2.5Ghz
4GB DDR400
Win XP SP3
Saitek X52

I have ordered a HD3870 and will reach me soon. I’m looking to upgrade my display from 17” to 22” TFT. Now the question comes to my mind is whether to go for a 22” (current 17” will be useless) or get another 17” (less cost compared to 22”) and do a dual-display with HD3870.

I will be using the system 95% for gaming (FSX, COD4, CMR DiRT, ProStreet etc) and love to have large display. So which one would be the best choice for me? Single 22” or dual 17”? will dual-display affect the performance drastically?

Any input is greatly appreciated.

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  1. If your going for gaming stick to one display in my opnion. Two means double the work and some games are likely to have issues with dual display. Unless you'll only be using one 17inch for gaming and the other just for desktop type stuff.
  2. 110% for the 22" display.

    Just to be sure, your platform supports PCIe, right?
    Not to many systems around with a single core CPU still have support for anything but AGP.
    If that is the case, you will be limited to a 3850 AGP card untill you update your platform.
  3. Yes , I do have PCIe. Thanks. I'm alredy running with 6600GT.
  4. K, just making sure.
    The GF6 series was origanly for the AGP bus so it is hard to tell thru the tubes ;)
  5. keep the old 17, and use teh 22 as your gaming display. Cards barely notice the windows in the 2nd display when gaming, I've been running dual for about 5 years now, from a 6600GT upward.
  6. Agree with 13thmonkey, although I have 2 monitors on my desk now, I'm not even using the second one.
  7. Thanks a lot guys, much appreciated.
  8. 17" to a 22" is a nice jump. The extra desktop space is great. I don't think i'd use a 2nd display unless I was editing something.
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