Whats the best case for multiple watercooling setup?

I have look around many review site and E-tailer.but i cant find a case that can host 3x120mm radiator and a 2x120mm radiator. anyone have a similar setup or idea?

i have look through the
Antec 1200 - 2x120mm@rear but no 3x120mm
stacker 831 - 2x 2x120mm@side but no 3x120mm, the side tray is seperate buy
Cosmo S - 3x120mm@top but no 2x120mm
LianLi Amoursuit - need to buy seperate top panel to host 2x120mm and no 3x120mm

i remember somewhere in my memory there is a case where a 3x120mm is on top of the case and a 120mm or 2x120mm at the back. but i dont know what its called or any picture of it(in google)

need advice!

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  1. Mounting two 120.3 or 120.2 radiators (in whatever combination) will likely require modding.

    IIRC there was a premodded case with room for 2 120.3 radiators in the bottom (both side panels). The price was in the 1000-1500GBP range.

    A friend of mine has two 120.3 radiators on a stacker STC-T01's right side panel. They are mounted outside the case with 3cm spacers. The panel only has screw mount holes (a steel mounting plate is superglued to the inside of the aluminium side panel for support) and 4 tubbing cutouts.
  2. andrius you from UK?since you talking in GBP!lol
  3. No, I'm from southeast/central Europe (Slovenia). I read hexus.net, bit-tech.net, techpowerup.com articles (UK based and they like to comment on UK pricing). I think it was a Silverstone case. From what I see on their homepage it could have been this case http://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/Silverstone/Temjin_TJ07/ with a custom paintjob (I think that was the biggest part of the pricetag).
  4. that looks like the one!!!i cant see the price anywhere.but can the buttom compartment take 3x120mm?
  5. this is the case that all the top pcs use. If you have ever read a magazine called custom PC they do the top of the line pc roundup and i think almost all manufacturers use this case for its sheer size!. kobalt recently provided the apache model as a review sample and this had a 2x120 in the top and a 3x120 at the bottom. might be worth dropping them an email they might be able to tell you as they do make some beasts so might be able to answer your question!


    they might tell you where to shove it, but they might not.
  6. do you know if i can fit a 3x120mm at the front of the antec 1200?but im thinking how can the HDD fit behind it?
  7. i got subscription to Custom PC.nicking £13.99 every 3 month!><
  8. from : http://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/Silverstone/Temjin_TJ07/6.html


    The SilverStone TJ07 costs $319.99 US Dollars or 269.90€. The windowed version costs $10/10€ more.

    I'm not sure about fitting two 120.3 radiators (PSU would be in the way) at the bottom but one will fit if you remove the drive cages.
  9. but how would i mount it though? if i mount the radiator where the fan for the drive cage is then i would be able to close the sode panel.
  10. I'm not sure. I think you need an L bracket to mount it to the floor of the case. the fans are mounted directly to the radiator so you only need 2 L brackets to mount the radiator. I guess you still have to mod it a bit.
    I don't think any case manufacturer thinks you need more than one 120.3.
  11. yeah i think im a bit too extreme and overkill. but i think i will go for the Cosmo S. so i can mount 3x120mm at the top and then maybe another 120 radiator at the back.

    but do you think its a good idea to put the radiator at the front of the case. but what got me worry is the hot air being blow to the HDD. will it be alright the HDD? or should i mount it behind the HDD or at the bottom of the Cosmo S?
  12. In general I think it's a bad idea to mount the radiator up front but it looks nice as it is hidden and if your hardware runs cool it's not a problem for HDDs. With a case such as the Cosmos S you can also mount a 120.2 (takes up 7 front bays) radiator under/over the HDD cage (holds 4 drives).

    HDDs run quite cool even in low airflow environments. My older Centurion case has a slow spinning 80mm fan in the front bay. With the amount of air 3 120mm fans move I would predict the air entering the case would still be just a few degrees above ambient. My 120.2 never got hot in my 6 month test run. The CPU was a single core and was at full load (folding) 99% of the time.
  13. so what benefit do those folding@home benefit you? i heard quite alot since the GTX 280 can do such task like 5 timess better then a QX9770@4Ghz+
  14. This one has room for 3 3x120's :sol: but its pricey as all get up and kinda fugly lookin.

  15. Quote:
    That's not a small moon that's a computer case...

    I read the review on techpowerup for this strange box.

    You could also put your PC in a large cardboard box and make the necessary holes in the front. "fugly lookin" is an understatement IMO. :)
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