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I am looking at buying a new video card, last night i was reccomended the MSI GeForce 8800 GTS OC 512MB GDDR3 but that is out of stock until the end of june

So I found a new one and i want to know whether it will be able to handle crysis at high settings and resolution

will that be able to cope with crysis high settings, if not can you find me a new one within the £170 price range, I am from the UK and unfortunately Newegg dont post to the UK. Thanks
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  1. All 8800GTS 512 will perform nearly the same. If you want an overclocked version, you can overclock it your self with no problems. Any 8800GTS 512 you buy should be able to match the 9800GTX (same card reboxed under the GF9 naming) for speeds.

    That being said, it will perform the same as the MSI version. If you can find a cheaper GTS 512 get it instead.
  2. Yes, that BFG 8800GTS 512MB is a very good card. I doubt you can find anything better under £170. Go for it.

    What kind of power supply do you have? You need something with at least 28A on the 12V circuit.
  3. ^+1

    For PSU (if you need one) I recommend PP&C 610;Corsair 450/550/520
  4. I have an OcZ stealth Xtreme 600W PSU but I have overclocked my Q6600 Aswell to 3.00Ghz
  5. I have the exact BFG card. Best GPU I have ever owned, period.
    Will overclock to 750mhz without getting hot, or any other problems what so ever.
    I don't play Crysis, but I can tell you that the only single card that will do any better in Crysis is the 8800GTX. (enough to make any difference anyway) the only way to make Crysis any better than a 8800GTS is SLI'ing 2 -8800GTS's.
  6. You'll be fine. No need to get a new PSU :)
  7. But will I be able play Crysis with that card on either medium or high settings?
  8. Zaxxo said:
    But will I be able play Crysis with that card on either medium or high settings?

    That depends on the rest of your system and your resolution....
    If it is a current system running at a reasonable resolution you should have no problem running it at medium and it should be more than playable at high. Forget about very high till the next generation cards come out, though.
  9. Ok thanks for all your help going to order that card now :D
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