Problem with wireless network and restricted user WinXP

I have my computer Win XP Pro SP3, connected to router D-Link DI-624 (Firmware 4.04 beta) with wireless connection. Using D-link DWL-G520 PCI Adapter. On this computer I have 3 users (all with administrator rights). So far no problem. This has been functioning for a long time.
Now I added a 4:th account, that I want to be as a restricted user. When I log on as this account, the wireless connection switches "on" and "off" constantly. Approx 10 seconds "Wireless connection drops", and approx 10 seconds "Wireless connection works", continously. All the other accounts works fine. Changing this 4:th user to administrator, solves the problem. But I want this user to be restricted.
On computer is installed Avast Antivirus Home, and Windows firewall, maybe those could be reason for the problem.

Anyone knows how to solve this?
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  1. Are you certain this isn't just a wireless reception issue ?
  2. Yes, I'm certain, since I can solve the problem by changing this user to administrator, and the other three accounts are working. I have ONLY this promlem when I log into WinXP with a restricted user account.
  3. Also, I know more people with the same problem. This seems to be the standard issue with Microsoft products. Windows ONLY functions properly when you're logged in as administrator.
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