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Update win 7 taking forever

I bought a new Acer mini-portable 4 days ago and since then I am trying to download updates. I have a 2Mb/s connection and nothing is coming in. There is no CD/DVD drive on the computer.
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  1. Can u do online while u update...?
  2. nikorr said:
    Can u do online while u update...?

    Hi, I can go on the Web etc. but when I watch to see if anything is downloading on the update the percentage doesn't go up. And if I check the upload/download traffic on my network it is very quiet. I know it's a big file but after 2-3 hours I should see the percentage rising a little bit.
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  4. If the fix it doesn't work then you need to delete the update download folder, and it would probably be a good idea to do a system file check.
  5. nikorr said:

    I tried your suggestion and after a long time, finally I got this answer : You don't have sufficient privileges !!
    I bought the computer, I am the administrator but it's not enough it seems.
    By the way I'm writing this on my other computer, a Mac.
  6. Right click on the file > run as administrator.
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  8. Finally after 4 days, I succeeded by going to Microsoft web site, downloading a big ISO file, burning a DVD, copying it to a USB memory key, and installing it on the Acer mini. Then I had to finish the other updates. Then everyday after that, I had updates to install ! I am not really affraid of viruses in Windows, I am beginning to be affraid of updates ! !
    Thanks to everyone who tried to resolve my problem
  9. No, problem. Good luck.
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