Help! should i change my motherboard?


here is the problem:

1- Sometimes I change my memory modules and the the comp wont boot, then I trial and error one module at the time and the PC boots (solution that works most)

2- Sometimes when won´t boot I do an trial and error by unplugging components one by one and see if the PC boots, in this atempts 2 times I unplugged the diskette drive and the PC booted. Note: the first time I thought that i had an bad diskette drive and I replaced with a new one.

3- Sometimes when the PC wont boot i take the graphic card out and when i put it again the PC boots

4- Sometimes nothing of these works and i.e. I go to eat or to sleep and the next time, voilà, PC boots!

Help! should I change my motherboard? It´s an old Asus P4C800 with Intel 875P chipset, at the time in 2004 it was top of the line (it should be it cost me about 270 dollars :sol: ).

Although the above is boring to me, it only happens sometimes (not always) when I have to open the PC and change some component and even when happens once I do one of the above solutions and it works i never have to worry anymore for 1, 2 or 3 years or more unless I have to change some component again.
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  1. Sounds like the power supply and not the motherboard. You could just be randomly turning it on and the removal of components are just a coincidence.

    As a tech, that would be the first thing I do.
  2. When you have these issues, try to flush all the power out of the PSU and MOBO and then try to restart the machine. Just unplug the machine from the wall and hit the power button a time or two and all those dirty electrons will be flushed out of your caps. This has worked for me on more than one occassion and I'm not quiet sure. Try and see what you get.

    Also, I agree with CompTIA_Rep. It does sound like a PSU problem.
  3. Hi, thanks for the answers.

    I don´t think this is an PSU problem because mine has 4 days old and is an high rated Corsair unit and with all my previous generic PSU´s i had the same problems.
  4. Well in that case, I'd have to suspect the motherboard probably. It may just be old now. But, replacing the board will probably require replacing CPU and RAM also. Plus, 4 years is a good interval to start updating components anyhow :)
  5. arson94 said:
    Plus, 4 years is a good interval to start updating components anyhow :)

    Right but for an upgrade one needs money but this year I am hoping :ange: to arrange funds for a new PC , possible with the new Intel Nehalem (it kickass the intel extreme cpu) and an ATI HD 4870 X2 (got to love :love: these newcomers from ATI :sol: ).

    Although I plan to keep my actual system for surfing, work etc. and my future rig only for gaming, i don´t like what already happen to my a few times being excited with an game and then had to format my comp. because of i.e. some malware and have to wait sometimes days to play again. :pfff: :fou: :non:
  6. Yea I understand your dilemma... Just gonna have to find some parts from spare or from a friend to try and test and find the culprit before you invest alot of money into parts you don't need. Good Luck!
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