HDPARM Western Digital Scorpio Blue (standby mode?)


has anyone managed to actually get their drive into standby mode on a linux environment?

I'm even trying to manually force standby by issuing a hdparm -y command.
I'm measuring the current on the power supply and it seems the lowest i get is to power mode 3 which is 170 A on top of my embedded setup.

I also can't see any power improvements between a sleep and a standby command hdparm -y vs hdparm -Y

Anyone got any tips or hints? How does Tom's usually go about testing their idle or standby power consumptions? I see a lot of stats on the website, but I'm curious to as to their test procedure for measuring it.

Thanks in Advance!
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  1. Hey acchao.

    AFAIK, Tom's isn't exactly a Linux-centric website, but have you checked the Linux section of this forum?
  2. Well, regardless of the OS, the ATA commands should be the same 0xE0 to standby, 0xE6 to sleep. If there is also no difference between the two commands on a windows setup, then I'll know its not my software. If people are seeing the power reduction 50A/30A respectively for the standby/sleep commands, then It's an issue with my embedded system or drivers =/ .

    In the meantime I'll check out the linux section thanks r_manic.
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