Laptop HDD fried my mobo

Well Houston we have a problem! I got a set of laptop HDDs from a friend yestreday with the intentions of running them in a low power RAID............ well I decided to connect one to one machine and the other to another machine............... POOOOOOF one of them fried a Zotac.......... for this project:
I dont get it, A laptop HDD fried MY BOARD ........ huh? I know thats what it is because it fied my usb HDD drive adapter as well. I also have changed out the board with another one I had laying around, used all the hardware from the first one, except the board of course and bingo it worked. Im up and running again. I tested the other board on my test bench and it wont post at all no matter what.

Anyone with any idea why this would happen would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. Hmmmm, you sure about your power supply and its connectors?
  2. Positive! Ive checked all of them on another drive. Then I even checked the bad HDD on a BS p4 build, just to watch and see if the board would die.... it did! Attack of the KIller HDD
  3. no it was a Seagate sata 2.5" 5400.2 momentus. It was connected correctly to both connectors while the computer was turned off with the power cord disconnected.
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