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Now i know a lot of people from all over the world use this forum, and i thought it would be nice to start a thread about where the best place to buy computer components in their respective countries are, so that people who don't know where to buy can look up somewhere from here. Maybe it'll get stickied if we get enough.

Ye so anyway, i live in spain and i have a few recommndations;
This is an online shop that sell components at cheap prices and is geared towards gamers, and have good customer service and fast shipping, they are also very helpful with returning faulty products in my experience.

Also another good shop
These do not have as big a selection of products, but ocassionally do very good eals to watch out for, and they are handy if u have one of the shops close by, as u can go there to place your order and it gets sent to the shop, which saves u on shipping costs if it is a big item.

So ye if anyone would like to contribute please do so.
Buenas suerte.
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  1. any good EU online shops in English?
  2. well its not hard to translate really, just do a quick translation with google translate, like uno processadores=prosessors in spanish, all from american names anyway.
  3. ANd...

    Is the best in HTPC Media Center and components
  4. Canada

  5. India:
  6. what about australia?
  7. NTuneR said:


    For Canada, Tiger Direct is wayyy overpriced IMO.

    Best places in Canada IMO:
    - Direct Canada
    - NCIX (I would rate them slightly lower than the two above, but they are still good)
  8. In the USA, retail store MicroCenter has frequent sales when you bundle, so good in fact that even with the state tax I paid when I was buying mine (5%), it was less than newegg and amazon. I got my motherboard, processor, RAM SSD/HDDs from there.
  9. try for good uk parts
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