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anyone have experience with the q9450 yorkfield? it's on my wishlist for the new build an i'm hoping to buy as soon as someone will sell me a gtx 280 for $700 or less.

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  1. its a good cpu, maybe if you post a list of what you are going to buy, ppl here can say what is good or bad.
  2. Are you planning to sli? If not, don't get a mobo with nvidia chipset, as its doesn't overclock as well as an intel chipset. For the hard drive you can get the WD 640 gb its faster than the seagate. For cooler, I would get the xigmatek or the TRUE (Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme). For the TRUE, you need to get a fan to attach. Plus the 1000w psu is overkill.
  3. going with a zalman hd160 plus (if they can verify i can fit a gtx 280 in there tomorrow). somewhat limited on the height of the cooler because of this. plan to use the gtx 280, so no sli now, but i'd like that option in the future, and i really don't plan to overclock as i have no experience with it. i know 1000w is plenty, but when i have the second gtx 280 and another hard drive, i don't want to end up buying a new psu then.
  4. ya, i agree with everyone else... the PSU is overkill. and get the TRUE or xigmatek as recommended above.

    its a great chip though, i really love it. :D 8x multiplier is kinda low, but at 3.2ghz, i feel its a comfortable position to be. :)
  5. looked at the two coolers. the xigmatek looks cool, but i want the fan to blow out the back not straight up. no fan on the true at all i don't think. htpc and i'm worried about space and heat, so i definitely want to blow heat out that back.

    guess i should look more closely at the case and the motherboard to see if they line up as nicely as the photo anway, but look at the bottom photo of this link. that's why i'm going with this heatsink/fan. they make larger, but they don't fit in this case.

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