Help needed with slow 3870 ati

I`m going mad here guys i have

P4 3.4 HT processor
2GB ddr2
1000w psu
ATI 3870 512mb GDDDR4

My frame rate is so bad on FFOW and BF2 its really jerky, can i pep this up a bit ?

According to FRAPS i am getting 15-35 fps at 1360x768, it should run better than this i think, please help.

My previous card was a 2600xt and was no better or worse in preformance.
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  1. it can be your processor bottlenecking your system
  2. i'm going to say it's your cpu. regardless of the clock speed a pentium 4 is going to severely limit any high end gpu.
  3. Thanks for the feedback guys, i think it may be quad core time :)
  4. I would check and clean the heat sink, as well as using new thermal paste.

    Your CPU might be overheating, causing it to throttle down it speed to keep temp as low as it can, reducing at the same time, its performance.
  5. Well the CPU temp only peaks at 60-65 so i guess this 3 year old CPU just can`t cut the mustard anymore :(
  6. during gaming, it may go higher.. download throttlewatch (use google) and check it.

    Your CPU should be better than what you get.
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