New PC build Which processor?

building a new PC (huge upgrade from my 6yr old system)

getting this mobo


and was wondering which processor should I get?

Intel Core 2 Duo E8400

or save the $50 and put towards a better GPU / save cash and get..

Intel Core 2 Duo E7200

i'm planning on getting a CPU cooler no matter which one I choose ....and I haven't overclocked a CPU yet ..but i plan on reading up and doing it

so for mostly gaming...should i get the cheaper processor and overclock or spend a little more and overclock ?
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  1. The $60 difference would go a long way toward a better gfx card. I'd get the 7200.
    Note, you will probably end up loosing a lot of frames from the lower cache and clock, but a better gfx card will more than make up for it.
  2. e8400 is better , but it is better if you try q6600 with g0
  3. What resolution do you play at? A better gfx card and slightly worse CPU would be worth it if you play at 1900x1200 or above.
  4. i'm in need of a whole computer and monitor upgrade

    ...not gonna upgrade my monitor for a while....for now it's a 17" Viewsonic CRT

    i usually game @ 1280x960

    but later on i play on getting a better monitor ..nothing super special ..just the best LCD i can find for around $200
  5. 7200 is the better choice. It overclocks really well and getting a better GPU will thrash the heck out the same setup with a more expensive cpu.
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